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About Us

Dexter is a group of young professionals from varied backgrounds who have come together to create a team working in multiple areas across domains with an ever-increasing array of services. Within a short time, Dexter has completed more than 150 projects and has setup branches at Mumbai, Bangalore and NCR, apart from the headquarters at Ahmedabad.

With the average age of the core team at about 27, Dexter has now built a panel of senior advisers and mentors whose experience and expertise in their domains combines with our ability to execute and helps us design and deliver on projects time and again.

It started as a one-room setup before 5 years without capital, clients or experience. From there, Dexter now occupies more than 5800 sq. ft. of office space across 4 cities and has aggressive plans of setting up bases in many more locations in the next 2 years.

One of the key components at the heart of Dexter has been and remains to be the philosophy of joint ownership and sharing of gains. We have taken accountability to the extreme where even the founders’ stake in the company can reduce if he/she doesn’t perform well.

With practices like 100% audio recording of interviews, 100% data validation followed by 100% telephonic verification in place now, Dexter has been trying to create practices and systems that assure authenticity of data for each primary research we undertake.

Having a lot of people with backgrounds in technology has also meant that we have very easily leveraged technology for operational efficiencies in planning and execution. This has allowed us at times to deliver work on impossible deadlines. This has also allowed us to quickly challenge the boundaries and constraints of conventional methods and ways, and come out with innovations as a natural extension of projects.

With service offerings in 8 areas now, Dexter is quickly looking to leverage its expertise and knowledge base across service areas, and expand through diversifying, both horizontally and vertically.